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An Easy Way to Organize Computer Mice

bucket of 25 computer mice tangled together

I love having a class set of Chromebooks in my classroom. Managing the technology and keeping it organized can be a HUGE hassle! I’ve tried and tried to keep our mice nice and neat, but they ALWAYS end up looking like a disaster. A bucket of tangled mice gives me the heebie-jeebies. It reminds me of a certain scene from Indiana Jones. Luckily, I have a solution! Keep reading to learn an easy way to organize your computer mice.

I’ve thought and thought of different ways to manage the mice. One option would be to assign each student their own mouse to use each time, but that idea doesn’t appeal to me. I want the kids to be able to grab and go. Another option would be to monitor the kids as they put the mice up each time. That sounds good in theory, but who’s got time for that? Teachers are always having to multi-task so I knew that plan wouldn’t work well for me.

No More Messy Mice!

Then I had a thought – why not tuck the mice (and their really long tails) into a koozie. The koozie has a little give to it, but holds the mice firmly in place. Clear Zip-loc baggies would work, but I know they wouldn’t be tough enough for my kids. Koozies are the perfect solution for me. I bought mine at Amazon (affiliate link). I like that these koozies come in a variety of colors so you can easily match your school colors or classroom decor.

an easy way to organize a computer  mouse using a can koozie

How to Organize the Computer Mice

hand holding the USB end of a computer mouse
hand wrapping the computer mouse tail neatly
hand holding a neatly wrapped computer mouse tail
hand putting the computer mouse neatly into the can koozie
container of 25 computer mice neatly stored inside can koozies

So far this solution has worked really well for my classroom and the koozies have held up well. I took the time to explicitly teach my students how I wanted the mice put into the koozies. Some students were pros from the very beginning. Other students needed a bit of practice, but caught on. I really wished I would have thought of this sooner! The koozies have been a game changer for me.

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