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Getting Started with Free Digital Task Cards

free digital task cards

Want your classroom to go digital? Boom Learning is an easy way to implement more technology into your classroom. If you have not used Boom Learning before, you NEED to give it a try. Boom Learning will change the way you teach and the best part is you can get started for free! Download a set of Boom cards with step-by-step instructions for getting started with a free Boom Learning teacher account.

Not sure what the hype is about? Read about why I use Boom cards here.

Why You Need These Digital Task Cards

These are not basic multiplication flash cards! With these task cards students will not only be able to increase multiplication fluency, but they will also gain experience thinking algebraically. Boom cards provide students with immediate feedback, so students can make corrections and learn from their mistakes. Make the most of your valuable class time by having students practice two important skills with one simple activity.

This Download Includes…

  • 20 multiplication task cards
  • built in answer key
  • directions for getting started with Boom Learning

You Will Also Need…

  • an internet ready device
  • Boom Learning account
  • Boom digital task cards

Download these free digital task cards today. Boom Learning cards will change the way you teach!

FREE Digital Task Cards!


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