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Say Goodbye to Boring Fact Practice With These 4 Exciting Multiplication Facts Activities

Getting students to learn multiplication facts can be such a chore! Students need a lot of practice before they master math facts. However, fact practice doesn’t have to be boring. Check out these multiplication facts activities that will have your students excited about fact practice.

Multiplication War

This game transforms the classic card game “War” into a fun multiplication learning tool. Instead of comparing the face value of two cards, students draw two cards each and multiply the numbers together. The student with the higher product wins both sets of cards. 


For this multiplication game, you will need a standard deck of cards. Remove the kings and jokers and assign the following values for the face cards:

  • Ace – 1
  • Jack – 11
  • Queen – 12
playing multiplication war with a standard deck of playing cards

Multiplication War helps students practice their multiplication facts in a competitive and engaging way. This is a multiplication fact practice activity that your students will look forward to.

Roll and Multiply

This is a great activity if you only have a few minutes to spare and want students to start quickly.


All you need are a pair of dice and a multiplication chart. This game can be played with regular six-sided dice for beginners or with decahedron dice if you want to provide more of a challenge.

types of dice that can be used for multiplication facts activities

Playing the Game

Students roll the dice, multiply the two numbers together, and then check their answers on the chart. Have students compare their products, and whoever has the largest product earns a point.

This game can be played in the classroom or used as take-home practice. It’s a simple yet effective way to practice multiplication facts while also having fun.

Circle Puzzle Multiplication Facts Activities

Multiplication circle puzzles add a new twist to boring fact worksheets. With these multiplication activities, problems are arranged in a circular fashion. Students multiply the factor in the center circle by each factor in the middle circle.

multiplication circle puzzle worksheets

two skills – one activity!

Circle puzzles are great because they encourage algebraic thinking. Some of the problems give students the product and ask them to find the missing factor. Not only are students practicing multiplication facts, but they are also reinforcing the relationship between multiplication and division while practicing facts.

multiplication circle puzzle Boom Cards

Digital or Print

Many multiplication circle puzzles are in worksheet format. However, assigning them as digital Boom Cards makes practice more worthwhile. With Boom Cards, if a student makes a mistake, they find out immediately. This allows them to learn from mistakes and improve their multiplication fluency faster.

Multiplication Boom Partner Game

This multiplication activity requires some prep time but is well worth it. Your students will beg to play this game!


You will need a set of multiplication facts and some “BOOM” cards. You can have your students create these cards themselves using notecards, or you can get some already-made game cards.

Decorate empty Pringles cans to look like fireworks to add even more excitement to the game.

Playing the Game

Students take turns drawing fact cards. They get to keep the card if they know the answer to the multiplication fact. The winner is the person with the most cards when the BOOM card is drawn. 

Say Goodbye to Boring Fact Practice

Incorporating these activities into your routine makes multiplication fact practice exciting and engaging for your students. You can say goodbye to boring multiplication facts activities once and for all. Your students can have fun on the way to multiplication fluency!

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