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    What’s included:

    multiplication fact fluency game

    Multiplication fluency game

    Fact fluency practice doesn’t have to be boring! Multiplication Boom is a simple and effective multiplayer game that works well in centers and math stations. Your students will want to play this game again and again! Read more about this game here.

    Game Instructions

    Students take turns drawing fact cards. They get to keep the card if they know the correct answer. The winner is the person with the most cards when the BOOM! card is drawn. To make the game more novel, decorate Pringles cans to look like fireworks.

    What teachers are saying…

    “Worth the prep time to set up this game. My students beg to play it. Thank you!”

    – Bridget W.

    “Great resource! My students love playing this game!”

    – Brooke R.

    “Really nice product, detailed and easy to follow.”

    – Michele L.
    practice multiplication concepts with no prep multiplication warm-ups

    multiplication warm-ups

    I love using these warm-up pages with my students. They are great for the beginning stages of multiplication when students need extra practice to reinforce new concepts.

    what teachers are saying

    “Great to use as a journal resource, in addition to introducing multiplication and reinforcement!! I really enjoy using your products in my class!! Your creativity is amazing!! Thank you so much!!!”

    – Trena T.

    “I put the master copy in a plastic sleeve. My students use dry erase markers to complete with the equation of the day. I can already see them getting stronger after just a week!”

    – Kerry S.
    multiplication fluency worksheets

    no prep multiplication fact practice

    Do you want to provide your students with engaging multiplication fact practice? These print-and-go pages are perfect for busy teachers. This resource can be used for centers, morning work, homework, and RtI.

    what teachers are saying

    “This was a quick and easy resource to reinforce multiplication fact fluency! I left this for my substitute to make it easy!”

    – Rebecka B.

    “Love! Great practice for students when they are done early!”

    – Amy B.



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