5th Grade Math Teachers

stop grading papers!

Did you know you can accomplish more by doing less??

Are you tired of:

Waiting in line for the copy machine just to find out it’s out of toner or jammed?

Struggling to decipher your students’ handwriting?

Is that a 6 or a 0?

Grading papers every day when there are so many other things that need to be done?

It’s not just me, right?

  • Grading papers is important but tedious and time consuming.
  • You need to pinpoint your students’ weaknesses, but it takes time.
  • You want to be an informed decision-maker but are tired of working late.
  • Students need immediate feedback, but you have a million other things to do.
avoid late work headaches with google forms

Say goodbye to endless grading and hello to a year long bundle that'll make grading easier. Google Forms are a must-have tool that will revolutionize your teaching and save you time. Don't miss out on this opportunity to do less and accomplish more!

What if you could:

Prep your independent practice in less time than it takes to order your favorite iced latte.

Have your daily practice graded in seconds.

Give your students feedback immediately after they turn the assignment in.

Know within minutes which questions or problems your students need more help with.


5th grade math google forms bundle

Designed with busy math teachers in mind, these quick check activities provide daily assessments that are both easy to use and self-grading. Your students will love the immediate feedback they receive, and you’ll love the time you save on grading. 

transform your teaching

more than just grades - get usable data

Google Forms are amazing because they do the grading for you but, you get more than just grades. Google Forms automatically generates usable data to help identify opportunities for growth.

here's what's included:

daily practice

77 self-grading Google Forms for daily assignments

year long bundle

Independent practice for every 5th grade math unit


Multiple choice and short answer question types

Do less and accomplish more!

Supercharge your productivity while saving time by using this year long Google Forms bundle.

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Get more done

Get your hands on this Google Forms bundle and save time all year long!

“My students love using this resource. I get great information about what they have learned, and they get to show what they know.” – MELISSA J, 5TH GRADE TEACHER

Hey, I'm Deirdre

After spending a whopping 30 years in the public school system, I’ve definitely been through the fatigue and burnout that comes with the job. I’ve tackled 2nd to 5th grade classes, both in self-contained and departmentalized settings, but you know what really gets me excited? Upper elementary math, it’s my jam!

I have a Master’s degree in early childhood education under my belt, and I’m also a Google Certified Educator. I love creating cool online tools and stuff that jazzes up the learning process and makes teaching a breeze.

take your productivity to the next level

You’re just one step away from upgrading your teaching game!

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