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Adding and Subtracting 3 Digit Numbers Math Mystery Puzzles

Your students will have a blast while adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers with these interactive picture puzzles.


Looking for fun and engaging computation activities? Check out these math mystery puzzles! Your students will have a blast while adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers with these interactive picture puzzles. This resource includes 5 exciting puzzles that focus on adding and subtracting three-digit numbers, perfect for reinforcing essential math skills. 3 digit addition and subtraction has never been so much fun!


Keep Students Engaged

Mystery picture puzzles are a great way to keep students busy while you work with small groups.


Two Versions

Choose between interactive Google Slides or print pages. Either way, these low-prep activity pages are easy to use.


Student Accountability

Have students solve the problems on the optional student recording sheet before completing each puzzle.


How It Works:

To solve each puzzle, students will:

  1. Work through each math problem.
  2. Find the solution tile with the correct answer.
  3. Place the solution tile on top of the problem.


If all answers are correct, a mystery picture will be revealed! If any answers are incorrect, the puzzle pieces won’t create a picture, making this a self-checking activity that encourages accuracy and attention to detail.

Perfect for independent practice, centers, or homework, these Math Mystery Puzzles are a great addition to any 3rd grade classroom. Get ready to see your students excited about math!



  • Fast Finishers
  • Substitutes
  • Centers



  • 3 digit addition
  • 3 digit subtraction
  • Subtraction across zeroes
  • 2 mixed practice pages



  • 5 print puzzles
  • 5 Google Slides puzzles
  • Student recording sheet
  • Answer keys



TEKS 3.4A -solve with fluency one-step and two-step problems involving addition and subtraction within 1,000 using strategies based on place value, properties of operations, and the relationship between addition and subtraction;


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