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If you’ve been wondering what the hype about Boom Cards is about, you are in the right place. Try these free Missing Factors Boom Cards and see for yourself.

what are boom cards?

Boom Cards are digital task cards that are hosted at Boom Learning. Teachers love Boom Cards because they are easy to use and manage. Students love Boom Cards because they are self-checking. Students receive immediate feedback so they know if they are practicing correctly.

Learn why I use Boom Learning cards with this post.

boom card memberships

Getting started with a Boom Learning membership is easy and free. Even though you can use the Boom platform for free, you will probably want to upgrade to one of the inexpensive memberships so that you have the ability to view reports of your students’ progress.

boom card membership price chart

get started

If you don’t already have a Boom Learning membership, click the link below. You will get a download with a link to a FREE set of Boom Cards. Click the link to be taken to the Boom Learning site and follow the directions for setting up your account. You won’t regret it!

FREE Digital Task Cards!

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