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Task Card Games – Discover 5 Ways to Make Learning Fun

Stuck in a task card rut? Well, you’re in luck! You can easily add excitement to learning with traditional task cards by turning them into exciting games. Not only will these task card games grab the attention of your students, but they also encourage learning and teamwork. Trust me – your students will thank you!

You can inject excitement and energy into your classroom by making simple tweaks to these traditional learning tools to create task card games. Imagine the thrill on your students’ faces when they realize they’re about to play a game instead of just answering questions!

easily create randomized bingo cards to go with any set of task cards


Add a new twist to an old favorite with Task Card Bingo. You can easily create your own Bingo cards with randomized answers with free online tools. As you display each of the task cards, students mark the corresponding answers on their Bingo cards. Task Card Bingo promotes active listening, comprehension, and quick thinking while adding an element of friendly competition. Want to learn how easy it is to get started? There’s a post for that! Read all about using Task Card Bingo in your classroom.


Scoot is great for getting students up and out of their seats.  It’s perfect for reviewing and reinforcing various topics. Here’s how it works:

Set up task cards around your classroom, one card per desk or station. Each student starts at a different card and has a specific time limit to solve the problem or answer the question on their task card. When the timer buzzes, students move to the next desk and repeat the process. The game continues until students have visited all the desks.


If you have students who work at different rates, remove the timer and let students visit the stations at their own pace. Consider having a challenge problem for the fast finishers while waiting for the other students.

Scoot engages students’ minds and gets them up and moving. Plus, it allows for individual work while maintaining a lively and energetic atmosphere!

generic game boards that can be used with any set of task cards

Board Games

Who doesn’t love board games? They bring out a competitive spirit and provide an excellent opportunity for learning. You don’t need a customized board game related to your lesson or subject matter. Any old game board will do. Students take turns rolling a dice or spinning a spinner, moving their game pieces accordingly. The squares they land on represent questions from task cards. By answering correctly, they progress on the board. The first student to reach the finish line or complete a specific objective wins!


Have a class set of generic gameboards along with any dice or game pieces that students will need. When it’s time to play, students can grab what they need and go.

Board games provide an enjoyable way for students to apply their knowledge and skills while strategizing and having a great time together. It’s a win-win situation!


Step into the world of Jeopardy, the beloved TV quiz show, and bring excitement to your classroom. Divide students into teams and create a Jeopardy-style game board with various categories and point values. Each category corresponds to a set of task cards. Teams take turns selecting a category and point value, and then they must answer the question on the task card. Correct answers earn them points, but be careful; an incorrect response could result in points deducted or given to other teams!


Create a Jeopardy game board using notecards and a pocket chart. This game board can be used again and again with all of your task cards and even works great as a center activity.

Jeopardy not only tests students’ knowledge but also enhances critical thinking and teamwork. It’s a thrilling game that encourages healthy competition while reinforcing important concepts.

play trashketball with questions from task cards


If you’re looking for an active and engaging game, Trashketball is the way to go! Set up a trash can in the classroom. Put students into teams and display a task card for everyone to complete. If the team answers correctly, they earn a point and a chance to shoot a ball into the trash can for extra points. The more questions they answer correctly, the more opportunities they get to score!

Trashketball adds a physical element to learning, making it an absolute favorite among students. It promotes healthy competition, hand-eye coordination, and of course, plenty of laughter! Believe me – your students will love this task card game!

Task Card Games

The possibilities are endless! Use these task card games to transform your traditional task cards into exciting games and add an extra layer of fun to learning. Say goodbye to boring routines and hello to an interactive classroom where essential practice becomes a game!

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