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Volume of Rectangular Prisms – Area of Base Times Height

Do your students need practice finding volume by multiplying area of the base times height? Give your students conceptual math practice with these fun and engaging Boom Cards and task cards.


Do your students need practice working with partial volume formulas? Give your students conceptual math practice with these fun and engaging Boom Cards and task cards. Your students will practice finding volume by multiplying the area of the base times height while getting immediate feedback. This worksheet alternative is perfect for guided practice, independent practice, and math stations.

Promote conceptual understanding!

Help students understand volume of rectangular prisms with colorful models. These activities are perfect for transitioning students from counting cubes to find the volume to using a volume formula. Students who have a deep understanding of how to find the volume of rectangular prisms do not need to rely on memorizing formulas.

Print or digital? You decide!

Print task cards have been added to give you more flexibility. You get the same great activities either way. This is an ideal activity for math centers or small groups. I assign my class the Boom Cards for independent practice while I use the print task cards to help my struggling students in small groups. Differentiate by selecting the recording sheets that best meet the needs of your students.

Set includes:

  • 20 self-checking Boom Cards
  • 20 print task cards
  • 2 recording sheets
  • Answer key

Try these volume of rectangular prisms Boom Cards before you buy!

Check out this preview to try the first four cards in the deck.

This resource was created to support the following 5th-grade math TEKS:

5.6B – determine the volume of a rectangular prism with whole number side lengths in problems related to the number of layers times the number of unit cubes in the area of the base

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Boom Cards are self-checking digital task cards. The cards are usually randomized so students can play again and again with problems being presented in a different order.  Boom Cards are hosted at Boom Learning, but they are easy to assign in your favorite learning management system. You will love how easy they are to use. Your students will love the immediate feedback they receive.

Boom Digital Task Cards can be used for…

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  • small group instruction
  • intervention
  • independent practice
  • at-home practice

More About Boom Cards

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