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Writing About Math: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Writing about math will help your students solidify their mathematical thinking and improve their ability to solve fraction word problems.


Boost your 5th-grade curriculum with these math writing prompts designed to give your students practice with multiplying and dividing fractions. This cross-curricular resource actively involves students in writing within the math class, offering two unique activities: explaining mathematical processes and formulating individual word problems. With a focus on fraction operations, these math writing prompts are the perfect tool to boost learning and deepen the understanding of this fundamental concept.



Gauge Your Students’ Depth of Understanding

Through the act of explaining the process for finding a solution, students solidify their thinking, offering you crucial insights into their grasp of the subject. This is an exceptional tool for evaluating a student’s depth of understanding, providing valuable information to enhance teaching and learning.


create a word problem student samples


Increase Problem-Solving Skills

Encourage students to elevate their problem-solving abilities by having them create their own word problems. By writing their own problems, students become more proficient at solving problems written by others, but they also gain a competitive edge in preparing for standardized testing


These math writing prompts are ideal for daily math warm-upscentersexit tickets, and interactive journals.



✔️ 30 Explain the Process Prompts

These math writing prompts enable students to explain the process of multiplying and dividing fractions, reinforcing their grasp and solidifying their understanding of these essential math concepts.

✔️ 30 Write Your Own Word Problem Prompts

Encourage students to devise their own math word problems centered on multiplying and dividing fractions, increasing their problem-solving skills.

✔️ Convenient Half-Size Sheets for Math Writing Prompts

Perfect for writing math prompts, these sheets easily fit into composition books and are designed to engage reluctant writers.



➡️ Multiplying Fractions

  • Multiplying fractions by whole numbers
  • Multiplying fractions by fractions


➡️ Dividing Fractions

  • Dividing whole numbers by unit fractions
  • Dividing unit fractions by whole numbers
  • dividing fractions by fractions



  • 60 writing prompts
  • Half-size sheets that fit neatly into composition books
  • Writing activities covering essential 5th grade skills



TEKS 5.3I – represent and solve multiplication of a whole number and a fraction that refers to the same whole using objects and pictorial models, including area models

TEKS 5.3L – divide whole numbers by unit fractions and unit fractions by whole numbers



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