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Rounding Games: Adding Fun and Excitement to Math Practice

Mastering rounding to the nearest 10 can be challenging. In addition to ensuring students have a solid understanding of rounding, they also need lots of repeated practice to build rounding fluency. But who said math practice has to be boring? By incorporating interactive and engaging rounding games into your lessons, you can make rounding a fun skill to learn. 

rounding to the nearest 10 war

Rounding War 

Rounding War is a classic card game transformed into an exciting rounding activity. Students will love the friendly competition and the opportunity to showcase their rounding abilities. Each partner gets a deck of 2-digit number cards. Players turn over one card from their deck and round the number shown to the nearest 10. Whoever has the largest rounded number keeps both cards. Partners can check each other’s answers with a rounding chart. The winner is the player with the most collected cards when the decks run out.

Rounding Memory Match

Memory Match is a fantastic rounding game to boost memory and concentration skills while reinforcing rounding knowledge. Prepare a set of cards with numbers and their corresponding rounded forms. Partners take turns flipping over cards to find matching pairs. This interactive game turns rounding practice into a playful challenge.

Rounding Kapow

Kapow is an interactive card game that will keep your students on their toes! Players take turns drawing number cards and rounding the numbers. If the number is rounded correctly, they get to keep the card. Whoever has the most collected cards when the “Kapow” card is drawn wins the game.

Rounding Bump

Rounding Bump is a board game that promotes friendly competition. Partners take turns rolling two dice, creating a number, then rounding the number to the nearest 10. Then they place their markers on the corresponding rounded numbers on the board. But watch out! If a partner’s marker lands on the same spot, they can “bump” the other player’s marker off. The first player to place all their markers on the board wins! This rounding game will quickly become a class favorite!

Having Fun with Rounding Games

Math practice doesn’t have to be dull and repetitive. By incorporating interactive games, you can transform rounding practice into fun activities for your students. These games not only reinforce rounding skills but also encourage critical thinking. So, why wait? Bring out the games, pair up your students, and let the rounding fun begin! Happy rounding, everyone!

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